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BUSINESS SERVICES ACADEMY 2024 is a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices for business services centers professionals from various industries, serving the purpose of discussing proven strategies and everyday challenges faced by the leaders.

The topics developed with the Program Board and in numerous discussions with centre representatives will be dedicated to the most important challenges in HR, technology, process optimalisation and above all the role of team leaders.

Planned structure of the event in the form of speeches, panel discussions and workshop sessions enable to be focused on maximum interaction between attendees and expert speakers.

The mission of the event is to inspire to grow through creating a new environment for sharing experiences and an innovative space for networking!

Become a Partner and make attendees:

Hear and learn about your product and service

Compare with other solutions and see visible advantages

Trust you on the technologies and ideas you offer to accelerate business growth

Forms of participation:

Inspire them with your presentation and become a SPEAKER​

Show them your company or solution in the EXPO space

Take part in a panel discussion as a PANELIST

Lead one of the discussions or sessions as a MODERATOR

Places are limited!


Our Partners

Mindbox is a technology company. We specialize in using advanced technologies to achieve our clients’ business goals. We treat technology utilitarianly as a tool for achieving a goal. Thanks to the diligence and proactive approach of our consultants, initial projects usually turn into long-term cooperation.

Mindbox has been providing a wide range of services for years, supporting clients in digital transformation. We have identified four strategic areas in which we offer our services:

  • Autonomous Enterprise – automation of business processes using intelligent technologies (RPA, ML, and AI),
  • Business Management Systems – we implement, customize, optimize, and maintain flexible, secure, and open ERP for manufacturing and distribution companies worldwide,
  • Talent Network – IT services outsourcing, we provide access to top specialists,
  • Modern IT Architecture – we build integrated, balanced, and open CI/CD environments based on containers, enabling safe and more frequent delivery of verified changes in application code.

The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) is a leading organization representing business services in Poland. We represent 250 of the largest companies and set the standards and directions for growth in the industry, which now employs around 435,000 professionals.

ABSL’s mission is to develop the potential of the modern business services sector and create conditions for its continued growth in Poland. Our aim is to build competitive and sustainable ecosystem that creates new, valuable jobs, helps to responsibly grow business and investment as well as driving knowledge-sharing, education, innovation, public advocacy and communication.

The Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance (GAIA) is a multidisciplinary impact start-up which uses collective creativity to develop artificial intelligence with compassion. Our team of scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and philosophers globally research AI’s social, sociological, legal, technological and ethical aspects of AI. Collective wisdom has undeniably been deeply ingrained in GAIA’s DNA from the very beginning.


Edyta Olbratowska

Project Director
+48 517 262 898
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Biura „Przy Warzelni”

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ADN Akademia

Browary Warszawskie

Biura „Przy Warzelni”

ul. Grzybowska 56
00-844 Warszawa

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